Show & Tell with Trine

I am honored to be a part of the show & tell series here at Ryder’s. My name is Trine and I live in Denmark with my husband and two girls from 2010 and 2013. I am an executive secretary in a incredible company working with sustainable health, mostly for women. I like all things simple, from my coffee to my bullet journal. Trine's Monthly Title Page I have always had a love for systems and putting things in order. As I grew up, I dreamt of creating a calendar system holding all the things I needed. Lucky for me, Ryder has created and shared just the system I was longing for. Before I started bullet journaling, I had a small analog calendar and an electric one. I had an app for habit tracking and another for notes. I had one for gift giving, one for projects and another for mind mapping. In other words, I used a lot for different apps and solutions to keep track of my life, my goals and all the stuff in-between. As I discovered the bullet journal system I quickly realised that this could be a way to minimize my planning and tracking. As a bonus, the bullet journal could be my “creative space”. As I continued I realized that I needed a set of rules. I get easily frustrated with myself, and I wanted to be sure that my perfection wouldn't ruin the many benefits of the system. The rules have prevented me from obsessing over the design instead of the function: - Do not tear pages - No ruler - Work around the mistakes - Keep it simple, less is more - Have fun! As time has gone by, I have changed small bits and pieces, but overall I do what I have done since I started. I have a futurelog which is also my monthlylog and my family planner. This log has 5 columns: a column for each member of the family and a shared column for things we do together. I fill in the monthly log over time, but every new month I transfer all appointments from a digital calendar I share with my husband. Trine's Monthly Log in her Bullet Journal I have two dailylogs: a personal and a worklog. I work mostly from home and my work never ends, so I keep the logs separated so I can focus at one without distractions from the other. My personal daily is a “classic” one which encourage me to evaluate my day, every day. My worklog is more of a to-do-list. Trine's Weekly Log in her Bullet Journal I have a list of spreads I like to do in my bullet-journal. I do not do every spread every month, but that is exactly why I love this system. You can do whatever you need when you need it. - I use a habit tracker to cultivate and maintain habits. The bullet journal is a very easy and effective way to be consistent. As I do my daily log every day, I fill in my habit tracker. - I use a timetracker to keep track of three things: sleep, work and appointments. I think the key to a good timetracker is not to overdo it - I think a gratitudelog is a very easy way to be positive. The gratitudelog helps me appreciate the small things - Doodles, drawings and quotes. I love to draw and be creative, but I never got around to do much of that after I became a mother. My bullet journal have changed that. Every month I save a spread for drawing and doodling, and some for quotes
Trine's Rapid-Logging Process in her Bullet Journal Weekly Log Trine's Rapid-Logging process in her Bullet Journal Weekly Log along with some doodles Trine's Rapid-Logging process in her Bullet Journal
A huge part of my bullet journal is not only the notebook but also the supplies. At the moment I am using: Trine's Bullet Journaling supplies - Fountainpen: Twsbi Diamond 580 AL with extra fine nib and Sailor Kiwa-guro nano ink in black - Drawing pens: a Copic multiliner 0.2mm with responsible nib in black and a Faber Castell PITT small in black - Brushpens: TombowABT in baby pink (800) and cool gray (N95) - Pencil: Caran d’ache fixpencil 22 metal My bullet journal is my free space, and something I look forward to fill it in every day. Being a part of the bullet journal community has given me so much joy and I am grateful for all the experiences I have had since I created my first spread.