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Collection Challenge

Welcome to a new #bulletjournalchallenge! This month’s challenge will be about collections. Collections are where the Bullet Journal’s versatility truly shines. They are extremely useful and allow for a great amount of freedom to add anything you want.

Collections are pages dedicated to related ideas, can take any form you need them to, and are not just limited to lists. They can be projects, illustrations, basically any kind of related content that you want to live outside of your daily journaling.

Collections are a soothing component because they allow you to think the way that you need to. Simply turning to the next available page and letting out what you need to is incredibly rewarding. They are a great way to think through ideas, reflect, organize, and achieve what you need to. They are comforting by allowing you to focus on only one theme of ideas at a time.

They are where the notebook component of the Bullet Journal shines through by being able to use as many pages as needed, wherever they are needed. If your collection spans across various pages, consider threading.

The index kicks into gear by organizing various collections of lists, ideas, mindmaps, thoughts, and more. An additional way to find collections easily is by using tabs.

During your monthly migration, revisit each collection to see if any of them are still relevant and useful to you as a way to renew focus.

When your notebook gets full, but you still need certain collections, migrate to the new notebook only the relevant tasks and add new ones as needed in a fresh collection.

To help you get the most out of your collections, we have three suggestions:

  • Examples: Some examples are lists, notes, sketches, meeting details, ideas, food log, gratitude log, running tracker, quotes, mindmaps, and more.
  • Styles: If you need to, give them a specific structure that makes sense for the collection you have. For example, check out the food log .
  • Focus: Focus on what is going to go into each collection and focus while you’re working on the collection.

To participate in the challenge, simply take a photo of your progress, and add the hashtag #bulletjournalchallenge in Instagram. This will ensure that your photo is added to an ever-growing pool of Bullet Journal inspiration, full of photos from all kinds of wonderful people.

The challenge is a great way to share your Bullet Journal journey, get ideas, and connect with others. Simply search #bulletjournalchallenge on Instagram.

What collections do you keep?


Last month’s challenge:

The handwriting challenge was a great way to share our progress in improving our handwriting in the Bullet Journal. Many approaches were taken in order to improve it, here are some of the ones shared:





It’s wonderful to see everyone’s progress and unique ways of working on their handwriting.

Image by: Jay Wennington

About the Author:

Kim Alvarez is the creative behind Tinyrayofsunshine.com, where she writes about the Bullet Journal, productivity, planning, and other creative pursuits. She runs a sunshiney Etsy shop with stationery goods that will bring a smile to your face at tinyrayofsunshine.etsy.com

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