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The Core Challenge

Welcome to a new #BulletJournalChallenge.


The purpose of the challenge is to help you get more out of your Bullet Journal by thinking about it in a deeper way.

What’s important and central in your life most likely forms the bulk of your Bullet Journal. Your life contains a web of responsibilities that you handle in specific ways.

As different as our individual lives may be, we each fall into a certain group. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the group that we identify with and discover examples of how to handle specific things. Things like project management, homework assignments, working with others, homeschooling, and more tend to come up time and again; we’d like to help.

To make it easier to find a group you identify with, we invite you share with us how you handle the core parts of your life. Whether you’re a student, professional, entrepreneur, blogger, stay-at-home mom, or anything else, you’re welcome to share how you manage this part of your life in your Bullet Journal.

To participate:

To make it easy to find these ideas, we ask that you share them in the comments below (and social media as well if you’d like).

– What is the core thing in your life? (Share whether you’re a professional, student, stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur, blogger, etc.)
– What are the responsibilities you face with it?
– How do you use your Bullet Journal to manage it?

Share photos if you can and use the hashtags #bulletjournal #bulletjournalchallenge and #april to participate if you’re posting on social media (you don’t need to in the comments of this article). One person will be selected to win the Bullet Journal Notebook!

Bullet Journal Notebook Giveaway

Last month we gave away a Bullet Journal notebook and we were blown away by the comments and your wonderful Bullet Journals. The winner for March’s challenge is Rachid C. Congratulations Rachid, we hope you enjoy your Bullet Journal Notebook!

image by: Jared Erondu

About the Author:

Kim Alvarez is the creative behind Tinyrayofsunshine.com, where she writes about the Bullet Journal, productivity, planning, and other creative pursuits. She runs a sunshiney Etsy shop with stationery goods that will bring a smile to your face at tinyrayofsunshine.etsy.com

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